Traverse City, MI

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Are you planning an outdoor event?

U and I Lounge has been serving Traverse City for over 80 years. We’ve been the trusted choice to cater for events and gatherings in the local area!


If you’d like to see how we can help you, just call or visit us to discuss your specific needs.

Events that will keep you hooked

We’re happy to present our food at the National Cherry Festival in July. Traverse is known as the cherry capital of the world; you must come down and witness this amazing festival! You'll also be able to try out our most loved gyros and Greek salads at the event.


During the summer, we also have "Friday Night Live". This is held in late July through August on Friday nights. You’ll notice the streets are shut down in the local area for this event and we’ll be selling our delicious food along with other booths.

Unbeatable service

Our family-owned and operated restaurant always lives up to your expectations. We offer pleasant service and food that never disappoints.

We cater to your needs

  • Personalized event catering

  • Participate in fun events

  • Keep things interesting by being part of festivals

We offer seamless service, delectable food and outstanding quality. Call for take-outs!